Sunday, August 7, 2011


More packing and starting to buy new furniture for the new place. I also had people from different moving companies come in and look at my apartment to give me estimates. No way in hell was I planning on moving all my books and furniture by myself resp. with friends. I am way past that age ;-) I finally found a company that I liked and had them look at my boyfriends place as well. The most awesome issue about the move was that we didn't have to do any renovating. I moved in my apartment eleven years ago and it was not renovated but in good shape and the contract said I will not have to do anything either when I move out. And since my boyfriends landlord decided to sell the apartment, he didn't have to do anything either. That was the responsibility of the new owner. The new place was already renovated so that was easy and a big help. I will post pictures later on to show you our new place. I now have my very own stitching room with my TV and he has his room. We also have a big living room where the other TV is located, a great fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, a bedroom and a little room that I converted into my shoe closet (he still doubts that Imelda Marcos has more shoes than I do ;-)) We also have a cellar and a "hobby room" downstairs which gives us additional storage space. Since he also used to be a bookseller like me, we both have tons of books.


Oh my!!! Long time no see...

Well, a lot has been going on since I last posted. I will try and give brief summaries of each month. At the end of October my boyfriend and I finally found an apartment we both liked and signed the contract to move in in January. So for me the next three months were spent going through my stitching stuff, my books, my dvds and other stuff. Luckily our landlords were gracious enough to allow us to use the basement so I could move stuff in there as soon as I was done with packing stuff up. My old apartment was so full of stuff because I had no storage place in the basement. So in order to really get packing, I had to move small stuff that I could carry myself in the new place. As you can image, not much stitching did get done during that time.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Being thankful November SBQ

When was I most thankful for being able to stitch. Hmmm, the death of my mom comes to mind. Her death was completely unexpected and it hit me hard. Very hard. I was absolutely devastated. But being the oldest I had to function and get the things organised that you are required to do at a time like this. I can tell you, my stitching kept me sane. I don't know what I would have done or how I could have survived without stitching. It helped me to wind down and relax after the horrible job of cleaning out her apartment which made me feel like a grave robber. It also gave me comfort because my mother always loved my stitching and somehow I felt close to her although she is not here anymore.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Again, the last second...

Somehow it seems to take a lot of thinking for me to answer the SBQ's. But again just in time here is my answer:

Wouldn't you believe it, I am also a firstborn. As for the effect it had on my hobby: I think I started kinda late on my stitching journey. My first piece dates back to 1988. I was 24 at that time. Since then I have done quite a lot of stitching, with a couple of longer breaks in between. I didn't stitch a lot while I was going to evening school or while I was in a relationship.

When I was in school and we had to do crafts for school, I hated it. My mum ended up finishing whatever needed to be done more than once.

I honestly can't recall what started my interest in crafts. Besides cross stitching, I also learned quilting, tatting, bobbin lace. I do hardanger, I knit and crotchet. But like I said, I don't know what got me started.

Happy stitching

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quirky habits!?

Boy, am I late in answering this month's SBQ. I was so busy at work and on the road almost every evening that this month has just flown by. But just in time here is my answer:

I do watch DVDs while stitching or listen to, my favorite Hardrock music station on Webradio. When stitching smaller projects, I start with one color and finish this color before moving to the next. If the projects are bigger I start with the first symbol on the symbol list and stitch all of the stitches I can get to (meaning without a lot of counting and jumping around) in this particular color and then move on to the next symbol and so on. When I am at the end of the list I start again at the top.


Happy stitching everyone!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Facebook September SAL week 1 and 2

Here are the first two finishes for September. I decided to stitch 4 small designs which will all be framed together in one frame. They are called "Indian Egg green/yellow" and "Fall Tree". Both design are from Liebevolle Kreuzstichentwürfe.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August SAL on Facebook

I participated on a month long SAL on Facebook. I decided to stitch on something that I could finish during that time. So here it is: "Delicate Patchwork Hearts" Kit from Sunset.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August Stitching Bloggers Question

Very interesting question - and very challenging. Luckily I do own one or two charts ;-) Actually I have already stitched most of the designs, some are still on my list.

1. Are you male or female? Cross Stitch Bitch (Dolly Mamas by Janlynn)

2. Describe yourself: It's 5 pm somewhere (Sue Hillis Designs)

3. How do some people feel about you? Born to shop - forced to work (Design Works)

4. How do you feel about yourself? Irony is not Dead (Subversive Cross Stitch)

5. Describe your interest: Share a pot of tea with a friend (Bobbie G. Designs)

6. Describe your best friend: Bite Me (Dolly Mamas by Janlynn)

7. Describe where you currently live: Tea Shop (Bothy Thread)

8. Where would you rather be? Old Irish Blessing (Linda Myers)

9. Describe what you want to be: Not older, Better (Janlynn)

10. Describe how you live: It's my mess - and I love it (Designs Works)

11. Describe how you love: Apache Marriage Blessing (Bucilla)

12. Share a few words of wisdom: Life's Journey is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to slide in sideways totally worn out, shouting "Holy Cow" what a ride. (Bobbis G.)

13. Now use a title to say goodbye: Stitching forever - Housework whenever (Lizzie Kate)

Friday, July 30, 2010

50th post!!!!! Better late than never...

Well, I finally made it! My 50th post will be my answer to Lake Stitcher's July stitching question. I am so sorry that I have been such a bad blogger, but life does get in the way...

Since my teenage years I tended to be a loner. I had and still have a very different music taste than my friends and I also like(d) different movies. So I started to spend my spare time doing things I could do by myself: jigsaw puzzles, reading, sports etc. So when I discovered cross stitching I did it by myself. Of course living in Germany does not help. Cross stitch is not very popular over here. There are stitchers of course, but they are far away. I don't even have a LNS for literally hunderts of Kilometers around. Without the internet I would be doomed. I do envy all you gals out in blogworld that can drive to a store and actually look at stuff and touch it before buying. Stitching alone keeps my sane. It is my means of winding down after work. I can let my thoughts wander and rehash the day. Watching a movie or listening to my favorite music makes my needle move even faster. Stitching does not make me a loner. I do enjoy going out with friends although in the last couple of weeks that had gotten "kinda outta hand". I am so addicted to stitching that sometimes I rather not go out so I can stitch.

For the second part of the question: There was this group at our adult education place (VHS). It was not a stitching group but a crafts group. The initiator was a woman who taught bobbin lace. So people did what they wanted. I stitched, some knitted but most of them did bobbin lace. The age level was very old (50>). I was one of the youngest there. There was this old lady and not a meeting would go by without her telling about the war and how hard everything was (you know, walking to school through deep snow for hours on end and stuff like that. You get the idea). I finally stopped going because I couldn't listen to it any longer.

I am a member of the International Womens Club in Stuttgart. We just started a Stitch n' Bitch and had our first meeting in July. I know all the ladies, everybody is more or less in the same age group and we had a ball!!! It was a totally new experience for me. First of all I wasn't the only stitcher and what was much more important, the other stitchers are as crazy about it is I am (one lady called it being anal ;-) How true). So I am looking forward to the next meeting in August. The conversation was very interesting. Most of the ladies have been living in different countries for long periods of time so there was a lot to tell. I think I found my perfect group.

It has been a while...

... since I finished something. This month I managed to finish Nora Corbett's letter "S" Samantha. I enjoyed stitching her very much. It was my first experience with overdyed floss but I did like it. I already have the first two kits of Nora Corbett's new series in my stash: The Stitching Fairies. They are also stitched with overdyed floss. I was hoping to get a lot of stitching done because my boyfriend was gone for 8 weeks, but unfortunately the weather was much too hot to stitch. My apartment is right under the roof and hardly isolated. So you can imagine the kind of temperatures I had in my apartment when I got home after work. I think it would have been a lot cooler if I had gone to the sauna at my gym ;-).

I also managed to finish this bookmark kit from Textile Heritage or rather I finished stitching it but the actual finishing still needs to be done. I love stitching but I am not so great on the finishing front. I will see how it goes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday present

I went to a little stitching retreat a couple of weeks ago. Since the birthday of a very dear friend from this group was coming up soon thereafter, we decided to surprise her with scissors fobs for her very extensive scissors collection. During the retreat she mentioned that her goal was to make a fob for all of her scissors. So on her birthday she received seven scissors fobs. This is my contribution:

Both motives are out of the "Red" resp. "White" books.

Since I have never done a scissors fob or something similar before, I was quite tense doing this. The stitching was the easy part but the finishing... There was more than one occasion when I came this close to throwing everything in the next corner! My respect to all those fabulous finishers out there. It is simply incredible what you can do!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

May Stitching Bloggers' Question

Lake Stitcher brought this meme back into life. Thank you for that!!!

Suppose we say that there are two types of stitchers.

There are those who enjoy the “process” of stitching. They stitch for stitching’s sake and if something gets finished, so much the better, but it’s not necessarily the end goal. Primarily, it’s the application of needle and thread to cloth that makes them happiest.

Then there are those who are “project” stitchers. They move steadily through their projects, certainly enjoying their stitching time, but finding their greatest joy in the completed stitching.

If you had to pick one to describe yourself, which type of stitcher would you be? I imagine that we could all say that we fall somewhere in between, but really think hard about this and try to pick just one. And once you’ve decided whether you’re a Process or Project stitcher, tell us if your recognize that approach in other parts of your life.

After a lot of thinking I came to the conclusion that I am "process" stitcher. I really like it and enjoy it when I finish a project, but I do believe for me the getting there is more important. Although my blog does give another impression, I am a "BAP"-Stitcher. This is the reason only small "in between so I can show something" pieces are on my blog right now ;-) I am still waiting to win that jackpot so I can devote my life to stitching. My "starteritis" does not really help to get things done, either. I just love to start new kits or charts and find out how everything comes together. I have over 70 charts already kitted and ready to go and maybe close to 50 kits as well so that leaves me with a lot to look forward to.

I truly admire stitchers who are able to put out a piece almost every other day (Jennifer of Feathers in the Nest comes to mind). You are so fast and the designs and especially the finishing are blowing my mind.

Applied to real life, I would have to say I am very project oriented and want to get things done. Well, this is business and stitching is pleasure, right!?

My Needle and my Floss...

... They do comfort me. While stitching this design I often thought about how often stitching really helped me to soothe my soul and help me through difficult times. For me stitching is therapy; after a hard day at work, nothing is better than holding the Q-snap in my hand and creating something lasting.

I finished this design on a small stitching retreat in Austria last week. Since I really like the "travelling sisterhood" of that chart that is currently going on in blogland, I thought of something similar.

I gifted a fellow stitcher with the chart and asked her to stitch it and then send it to another stitcher from our forum and so on, thus creating our own "travelling sisterhood". The girls really liked the idea so we will see how it develops.

And now, here she is. I stitched the design with the suggested colors (Weeks Dye) on the recommended fabric.

Happy stitching

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A christmassy Easter finish ;-)

Mill Hill Button & Bead Kit "Needlework Shop"

This was not planned... Needlework Shop was just the last in line. This is another of Mill Hill's Button & Beads Kit. I just ordered another one "Hydrangea Wreath" What can I say... I just love them *sigh*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kerzenschleife zur Kommunion / Candle bow

Eine gute Freundin hat mich gefragt, ob ich die Kerzenschleife für die Kommunionskerze ihrer Tochter sticken würde. Das habe ich natürlich gerne gemacht. Hier das Ergebnis.

A good friend asked me if I would stitch the candle bow for her daughter's communion. Here is the result.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Memoriam

One year ago today my mum died very suddenly and unexpectedly. Standing at her grave today was so much harder than the day we had to bury her. She is not buried in a graveyard but in a "Friedwald". This is a forest designated as a "graveyard". The urns are buried beneath trees. There is no cross or fancy decoration like in a graveyard. Just a little sign on the tree with the names of the people buried beneath it.

I miss her so very much. She was such a great cook and I regret not having written down all her secret recipes. My mother never had a lot of money but still she was very generous and gave us (my sister and myself) what ever she could. She loved my stitching and always complemented on my works. I miss not being able to call her and share with her. I miss going shopping with her. One of the worst things for me is that she never knew I found a new boyfriend. I never got around to telling her. Ever since she died I have been asking myself when was the last time I told her I loved her. Did I spent enough time with her? I am still so mad at the hospital because they didn't inform us about the deterioration of her condition. By the time they called me and I got to the hospital she was already dead. Cleaning out her apartment I felt like a grave robber. It was such a horrible experience.

Yet, for all my loss, I have not been able to really grieve. When she died, there was so much stuff to take care off. When things cooled down, I just couldn't bear the thought of her not being there anymore and I kept and still keep pushing the thought of her being gone out of my brain every time it creeps in there.

The Little Ship

I stood watching as the little ship sailed out to sea. The setting sun tinted the white sails with a golden light, and as she disappeared from sight a voice at my side whispered, "She is gone".

But the sea was a narrow one. On the farther shore a little band of friends had gathered to watch and wait in happy expectation. Suddenly they caught sight of the tiny sail and, at the very moment when my companion had whispered, "She is gone" a glad shout went up in joyous welcome, "Here she comes!"

Author Unknown

I firmly believe that she is with her boyfriend who died a couple of years before she did and that she is looking down on me. For me March will always be the saddest month of the year.

I miss you Mum!!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Second finish for 2010

My second finish for 2010 is "Winter Wonderland" (Mill Hill Buttons & Beads Kit).

Monday, February 22, 2010


Today is my first Blogoversary. How fast this year went by. Let us see what the next year will bring...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last finish for 2009

(Kit von Janlynn "Dolly Mamas")

Nachdem ich meiner Freundin nun ihr Geschenk gegeben habe, kann ich es auch Euch zeigen. Es gefällt ihr sehr und sie hat so gelacht, als sie es gesehen hat. "Bite me" ist ihr Lieblingsspruch und von daher paßt es perfekt.

After I gave my friend her gift, I can now show it to you as well. She liked it a lot and laughed so hard when she saw it. "Bite me" is her favorite saying and so I just had to stitch this for her.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My last finish for 2009 and my first finish for 2010

(Kit from Design Works)

Well, it has been finished for quite a while, but it was missing the BS. I finished them last night and boy, what a change. I hate BS, but they do make the picture come alive, so I think I will just have to live with them ;-).

There is also a last finish for 2009. But since I stitched this for a friend who does look on my blog occasionally this will have to wait until she got it.

Naja, fertig war es schon länger, aber der BS hat mal wieder gefehlt. Den habe ich jetzt gestern Abend fertig gestickt und wow, was für ein Unterschied. Ich hasse BS, aber da sie wirklich den Unterschied machen, werde ich wohl mit ihnen leben müssen ;-)

Es gibt auch ein letztes Werk für 2009. Aber das habe ich für eine Freundin gestickt, die hier ab und an reinschaut. Deswegen gibt es das Bild erst nachdem meine Freundin es bekommen hat.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tee Aktion / Tea Exchange

Die Tasse ist aus "Mugs for all Reasons" von Leisure Arts
Das Gästehandtuch ist aus "Tea Time Towels" von Leisure Arts
Das Brotkorbdeckchen ist aus "Cover your Buns just a little more..." von The Design Connection

Vor einiger Zeit habe ich im Kreuzstichforum der Handarbeitsfrau eine Teewichtelaktion ins Leben gerufen. Zum Glück bin ich rechtzeitig mit Sticken fertig geworden und meine Partnerin hat sich auch sehr darüber gefreut. Natürlich möchte ich die Sachen, die ich verschickt habe mit Euch teilen...

A while ago, I initiated a Tea Exchange in this German Cross Stitch Forum "Handarbeitsfrau" I frequent. Well, I finished my stitching in time and sent it of to a (hopefully) very excited partner. She got it and she liked it!!! Of course I want to share with you the goodies I sent off...

Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...

...another year older, but none the wiser... This was such a rotten year. I never had a worse year in my life. My wish to myself: a better year next year. Nevertheless I will try to make the best out of it and enjoy today. I am going to get some nice things to eat and have a little feast... Some stitching can also be expected.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rock's not dead...

The other day I saw this video on Kerrang!. The song just blew me away. I want to share it with you to proof that there is still hope for us Rockers out there...

Video embeded with the written permission of the artist.

Sehr beschäftigt / Very busy

Nur mal schnell damit Ihr wisst, ich lebe noch. Unsere Niederlassung in Stuttgart ist umgezogen, so daß die letzten Wochen eben voll mit Packen und Umziehen waren. Jetzt wird es langsam ruhiger und ich hoffe, daß ich Euch bald mal wieder etwas Gesticktes zeigen kann.

Just to let you know that I am still alive. Our company moved its HQ, so the last couple of weeks have been busy with packing and moving. Things are calming down now and I hope I will be able to show some stitchy things real soon.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wisteria Welcome

... ist der Name des nächsten fertigen Mill Hill Kits. Irgendwie habe ich es gerade mit den Packungen. Ich habe noch zwei daheim, muß mich aber jetzt erst mal meiner Teeaktion und einigen Weihnachtsgeschenken widmen.

... is the name of the next Mill Hill kit I finished. Somehow they did grab my attention. I have two more kits at home, but I will have to do some exchange and Christmas stitching first.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mal wieder was fertig / Happy Dance!!!

Nach langer langer langer Zeit kann ich endlich mal wieder was Neues zeigen. Es ist "Herb Garden" von Mill Hill. Ich mag diese Packungen sehr. Ich liebe es, auf Perforated Paper und Plastic Canvas zu sticken und ich liebe es, mit Perlen zu sticken. Ich habe schon das Nächste angefangen "Wisteria Welcome". Seit dem 1. September habe ich einen neuen Job. Ich arbeite für die gleiche Firma, aber jetzt in der Niederlassung und habe eine neue Partnerin. Abgesehen davon gibt es in meiner kleinen Welt nichts Neues.

Schönen Tag wünscht Billie

After a long long long time I finally have a new finish to post. It is Mill Hill's "Herb Garden". I really like those kits. I love to stitch on Perforated Paper or Plastic Canvas and I love stitching with beads. I already started the next one, "Wisteria Welcome". I have a new job since September 1. I work for the same company, but in a different location and have a new partner I work for. Apart from that, there is not much going on in my little corner of blog land. Have a good one...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Etwas Neueres / Something more recent

Ich habe es endlich geschafft, meine "Lavender Fields" von Mill Hill zu rahmen. Ich liebe diese Stickpackungen, da ich wirklich gerne mit Perlen sticke. Entschuldigung für die Scans, aber ich bin nicht wirklich gut im photophieren.

I finally framed my "Lavender Fields" from Mill Hill. I just love these kits because I really enjoy stitching with beads. Sorry for the scanning pictures, but I am not very good at taking pictures.

Ganz frühe Werke / Really early works

Als ich die Wohnung meiner Mutter ausgeräumt habe, bin ich über einige meiner "Frühwerke" gestolpert. Meine Mutter war ja Jäger und Sammler und hat nichts weggeworfen. Entstanden sind diese Werke zwischen 1980 und 1981. Außerdem habe ich noch mein erstes selbstgesticktes Werk, ein Nadelbuch, daß ich in der Grundschule gestickt habe.

While cleaning out my mothers apartment, I found some really early works. My mum was a hunter and gatherer and never throw anything away. I stitched these pictures between 1980 and 1981. Not necessarily very pretty but a start nonetheless. I also found a needlebook I stitched in elementary school of which I can say it really is my first stitched piece ever.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nix besonderes / Nothing special

Stickmäßig war die letzten beiden Wochen leider nichts drin. Vor zwei Wochen war die Mutter meines Freundes zu Besuch und ich war vorher erstmal mit dem "ent-trashen" meiner Wohnung beschäftigt. Ich wollte ja nicht, daß sie gleich in Ohnmacht fällt (normalerweise hält mich das Sticken vom Aufräumen ab). Sie blieb über das Wochenende, also auch nicht gestickt. Letzte Woche habe ich viel Zeit bei Ebay verbracht und Sachen meiner Mutter eingestellt - wieder nichts mit Sticken. Diese Woche ist wieder "Bamboo Fan SAL" und endlich komme ich auch wieder zum Sticken. Halt, ein bißchen habe ich doch gestickt, ich habe nämlich zwei Freundschaftstücher zum Besticken erhalten und habe bei dem einen auch schon etwas angefangen zu sticken.

Abgesehen davon verbringe ich gerade viel Zeit (zu viel Zeit imho) im Fitness Studio. Ich muß unbedingt abnehmen, aber ich hasse es so sehr. Wenn ich nicht meinen MP3-Player dabei hätte und Musik hören könnte, würde ich durchdrehen. Es nimmt so viel Stickzeit weg. Das schlimmste für mich ist, daß sich nichts nach unten bewegt wenn ich mich wiege. Jeder sagt mir, daß ich Muskeln aufbaue und die sind ja schwerer als Fett. Aber wenn ich in den Spiegel schaue sehe ich da auch nicht viel Unterschied. Das ist alles so frustrierend. Wenn ich wenigstens das ganze Jahr Skifahren oder Reiten könnte. Diese Sportarten mache ich wirklich gerne.

Ich habe für mich festgestellt, daß ich kein großer Fan von SALs bin. Ich möchte sticken was ich möchte wann ich möchte und mir kein Korsett anlegen. Ich werde den Bamboo Fan SAL beenden und am HAED SAL teilnehmen, aber das war es dann.

Schöne stickreiche Woche

Well, the last two weeks weren't really stitchy oriented. Two weeks ago the mother of my boyfriend was visiting and before she came I had to clean my apartment so she wouldn't faint (stitching usually keeps me from doing that *sigh*). She stayed over the weekend, so there was no stitching. Last week I spend a lot of time on Ebay putting stuff from my mum up for auction. So again not much stitching going on. This week I have my "Bamboo Fan SAL" and I am finally getting around to some stitching. Well, I did actually stitch a bit last week. I received two "friendship samplers" to stitch on. They work kinda like a RR, but you are not obliged to start one yourself. If you like the chosen topic and if you like the initiator, you can sign up to stitch on it.

Apart from all this I have to spend a lot of time (too much time imho) working out. I need to loose weight. But I hate it so much!!! I can only stand it because I have my iPod with me and can listen to music. It cuts into my stitching time BIG TIME. To make matters worse, when I step on the scales I don't see a lot of change. Everybody keeps telling me I am building up muscles and they are heavier than fat, but if I look at myself in the mirror, I do not see a lot of change there either. This situation is so frustrating. I wish I could ski all year round or go horseback riding. These sports I really enjoy.

I also realized that I am not a SAL person. I prefer to stitch what I like when I like it. I will finish the Bamboo Fan SAL and I will continue with my HAED SAL, but that's it.

Have a great stitching week out there in Blogland...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Erstes Update EGS / First EGS Update

Da ich letzte Woche noch einige andere Sachen erledigen mußte, habe ich nicht so viel gestickt bekommen wie ich es gerne gehabt hätte. Außerdem habe ich mit dem schwierigsten Teil angefangen, dem Alphabet. Es wird mit einem Faden über einen Gewebefaden gestickt. Ich hasse es!!! Aber ich werde diesen Teil fertig sticken, bevor ich mit dem "normalen" Kreuzstich anfange.

Because I had a lot of other stuff going on last week, I didn't get as much done as planned. I also picked the hardest part to stitch first, the alphabet part. It is stitched one over one and I just hate it. But I will finish this part before I start with any "normal" cross stitching.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

English Garden Sampler by Teresa Wentzler

Hier ist ein neuer SAL, denn ich gestern Abend angefangen habe. Ich sticke mit einer Freundin aus dem Kreuzstichforum. Es gibt noch nicht viel zu sehen, aber wenigstens das Bild wie es fertig aussieht.

This is a new SAL I started with a friend from my German cross stitch forum. I started stitching yesterday. Not much to show so far but a piccie of what it will look like when finished.

SAL freie Woche / SAL free week

Letzte Woche war SAL frei und ich konnte mich anderen Projekten zuwenden. Hier ist das Ergebnis: Backstitch bei "My Mess", ein bißchen was am "Japanese Angel" von ASN und doch einiges bei "Presence of Gaia". Ich habe mit dem "Japanese Angel" schon vor langer Zeit angefangen. Als ich jetzt meinen Stash umorganisiert habe, ist er mir wieder in die Hände gefallen und ich habe mich entschieden, daran zu sticken wenn ich Zeit habe. Bin ich froh, "Gaia" auf Aida nochmal neu angefangen zu haben. Es stickt sich so viel einfacher und macht wirklich Spaß. Ich habe hier auch noch ein Bild, wie der "Japanese Angel" fertig aussieht.

Last week I was free to stitch whatever I wanted since there was no SAL. Here are the results: Backstitch on "My Mess", a little work on "Japanese Angel" from ASN, some work on "Presence of Gaia". I started Japanese Angel a long time ago. While rearranging my stash, I discovered it again and decided to work on it when I have time. Boy, am I glad I decided to restart "Gaia" on Aida. It is so much fun and I really got into it. I also have a picture of what "Japanese Angel" will look like when finished.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update Bamboo Fan

Hier ist das Ergebnis des SAL der letzten Woche. Viel Konfetti, daher nicht wirklich viel Fortschritt.

The result of last weeks SAL. Not much progress because of all the confetti stitches.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Presence of Gaia

Ich habe es geschafft! Ich bin so froh, daß ich mich entschieden habe, Presence of Gaia auf Aida noch einmal anzufangen. Es stickt sich so viel leichter und macht wirklich Spaß. Hier ist mein Update. Ich sticke auch in eine andere Richtung, damit es nicht so langweilig wird und eine neue Farbe ist auch dabei.

I made it!!! I am so glad I decided to restart Presence of Gaia on Aida. It is so much easier to stitch and much more fun. Here is my (late) update. I am stitching in a different direction, so it is not just a repetition from before and I also introduced a new color ;-)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tee / Tea

Da ich ja auch überzeugte Teetrinkerin bin, hier auch noch das Photo eines Buches mit Sprüchen bzw. Weisheiten zum Thema Tee. Als ich in Berlin war, konnte ich natürlich nicht widerstehen, auch beim KaDeWe vorbeizugehen und in der schönen Teeabteilung zu stöbern. Mitgebracht habe ich mir zwei Earl Grey Tees.

Since I am a staunch tee lover I want to show you the pic of a nice little book with sayings and quips about tea. It is called "Tea Wisdom: Inspirational Quotes and Quips about the World's Most Celebrated Beverage". While I was in Berlin, I also stopped by at the KaDeWe and enjoyed their great tea department. Of course I didn't leave without two new Earl Grey teas.

SEX (Stash Enhancement Experience)

Hier habe ich mal meine neuesten Errungenschaften in Sachen Kreuzstich photophiert. Drei Bücher von Joan Elliott, die Farben-Bücher und zwei Stickhefte, die ich bei Ebay erstanden habe. Zwischenzeitlich habe ich SABLE (Stash acquired beyond life expectancy) erreicht und sollte wirklich kürzer treten. Aber man ist ja Jäger und Sammler *seufz*.

A pic of my latest cross stitch acquisitions. Three books by Joan Elliott and five color-books. Each book has one color as theme and motives in just that color (you can stitch them in other colors of course ;-)). These books are quite popular in Germany. The two magazines I managed to get on Ebay. I reached SABLE a long time ago and really should stop buying things, but I am a hunter and gatherer when it comes to stash.

Shopping in Berlin

Wie versprochen, ein Photo meines Kaufrausches in Berlin. Erstanden habe ich eine schwarze Escada-Jeans und eine blaue Handtasche von Bree. Beides war schon reduziert, so daß mein Gewissen nicht allzu schlecht ist.

As promised here is a pic of my shopping spree in Berlin. I bought a black jeans from Escada and a blue handbag from Bree. Since I bought both items at a reduced price, I do not feel too bad about it.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Sauheiß / Hot as Hell

Damit nicht jemand glaubt mich gibt es nicht mehr. Letzte Woche war ich in Berlin und diese Woche war irgendwie immer was los. Deshalb bin ich weder zum Sticken noch zum Bloggen gekommen. Ganz abgesehen davon habe ich eine Dachgeschoßwohnung und wenn ich von der Arbeit nach Hause komme, meine ich in einer Sauna gelandet zu sein. Da stickt es sich natürlich auch nicht wirklich gut. Aber ich habe es immerhin geschafft, wenigstens ein paar Stiche auf meinem Neustart von Presence of Gaia zu machen. Ich habe auf 18er Aida nochmal neu angefangen. Das Sticken über 1 Faden ist wirklich nichts für mich. Das Motiv ist aber so schön, daß ich es unbedingt fertig sticken möchte.

Während meines Trips nach Berlin war ich auch wieder shoppen. Wenn ich es schaffe, werde ich dieses Wochenende ein paar Photos einstellen.

Just so nobody thinks I am lost in cyber space. Last week I was in Berlin and so many things were going on this week. That is why I didn't get a lot of stitching done and no blogging. Apart from that, I live in a roof-top apartment. When I get home from work it feels like walking into a sauna fully dressed. That climate does not really encourage stitching. However, I managed to get a few stitches on my restart of Presence of Gaia done. I restarted on 18 count Aida. Stitching over one was just not for me and I do want to see this beautiful design finished which would never have happened otherwise.

While I was in Berlin, I also went shopping. I try to post some pics over the weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nochmal etwas Älteres... / Another oldie

Dieses Brotkorbdecken habe ich für eine Freundin gestickt, die gerne im Garten werkelt. Und ja, ich sticke auch andere Sachen als Brotkorbdeckchen ;-)

I stitched this bread cloth for a friend who loves to work in the garden. And yes, I do stitch other things besides bread clothes ;-)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bamboo Fan

Hier mal ein Fortschrittsphoto eines meiner aktuellen WIPs: Bamboo Fan von Design Works. Ich sticke dieses Motiv mit einer Freundin aus dem Kreuzstichclub. Wir sticken pro Monat immer eine Woche an diesem Motiv.

This is a picture of one of my current WIPs: Bamboo Fan from Design Works. A friend from a cross stich club and myself stitch on this project one week of each month.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Die letzten beiden Wochen war ich wieder auf der Arche Noah, Tiere hüten. Die Tiere sind 6 1/4 Alpakas, 4 Schafe, 7 Ziegen, 3 Gänse, 3 Pfauen, 8 Enten, 7 Hühner, 1 Hund und 1 Katze. Hier sind noch ein paar Bilder. Sticktechnisch war nicht so viel drin. Es ist halt nicht meine gewohnte Umgebung und wegen dem Hund und der Katze kann man sich auch nicht so ausbreiten. Über das lange Wochenende bin ich alleine und kann mich voll aufs Sticken konzentrieren. Leider habe ich mich beim Tiere hüten etwas verletzt und bin für was anderes nicht zu gebrauchen. Nebenher läuft der DVD-Player heiß.

The last two weeks I have been animal and house sitting on "Noah's Ark" again. The animals include 6 1/4 alpaca, 4 sheep, 7 goats, 3 geese, 3 peacocks, 8 ducks, 7 chicken, 1 dog and 1 cat. Here are some pictures for you. There was not much going on on the stitching front. It just wasn't my usual surronding and because of the cat and the dog it wasn't easy to spread things out. I am alone over the long weekend and can concentrate on stitching. I hurt myself while animal sitting and I am no use for something else. That gives me time to watch DVDs extensively.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Es gibt eine tolle Verlosung auf dem Blog giveaway Anlaß sind über 1000 Besuche innerhalb 2 Wochen.

There is a great giveaway to celebrate over 1000 hits in a fortnight on

Monday, May 18, 2009

Überraschung von Downunder / Surprise from Downunder

Vor einigen Wochen habe ich auf dem Blog von Aussie Stitcher ihr neues HAED-Projekt richtig geraten. Als Belohnung hat mir der Briefträger am Samstag folgende Sachen gebracht:

Eine Schere in meiner Lieblingsfarbe Lila, zwei Stück Stoff, Wickelkärtchen, Garn und zwei Rollen Band.

Liebe Joanne, ich habe mich so sehr über Dein Geschenk gefreut. Vielen, vielen Dank!!!

A couple of weeks ago Joanne asked on her blog to guess the name of her new HAED project. Well, I was the first to guess correctly and this is what the mailman brought to me on Saturday:

Scissors in my favorite color purple, two pieces of fabric, floss bobbins, DMC thread and two spools of ribbon.

Dear Joanne, thank you so much for your gift. I really like all the things you send me and I can put them to good use.


Friday, May 8, 2009

Neue Gadgets und Gaia / Stash Enhancement and Gaia

Ich konnte mich mal wieder nicht beherrschen und habe feste eingekauft. Da ich Seepferdchen sehr mag, konnte ich an diesem Nadelmagneten einfach nicht vorbei und damit es sich auch lohnt dort zu bestellen habe ich noch eine Vorlage von Bothy Threads dazu erstanden. Bei Ebay habe ich die kleine Stickpackung erstanden (ich liebe Lavendel). Zu guter letzt habe ich endlich meine Snap Wraps bekommen. Die könnte man natürlich auch selber machen, da ich aber ein totaler Näh-Legastheniker bin und auch keine Nähmaschine habe, kurble ich halt weiter die Wirtschaft an.

Und endlich, endlich kann ich mal ein Fortschrittsbild meiner Gaia einstellen. Viel ist es ja noch nicht, aber ein Schritt in die richtige Richtung.

Well, I never said I was strong so it was easy for me to give in to temptation: Stash enhancement!!! I just love seahorses and so I couldn't say no to this gorgeous needle minder. To make matters worse and so it was worth to order in the Sates, I also bought this chart from Bothy Threads.

On Ebay I won this Victorian Lavender kit (I love lavender).

And I finally received my snap wraps. I tried them out yesterday and covered all my current wips. They look really good and I can hide the fabric under them.

Drumroll please!!!! Here is the first progress pic of Gaia. Not much, but definitely a step in the right direction.

Happy stitching

Monday, May 4, 2009

Stickreiches Wochenende/Stitching Weekend

Trotz meiner immer(noch)währenden Räumerei habe ich es dieses Wochenende geschafft, meine Nadel in die Hand zu nehmen und zu sticken. Ich habe mich sogar an mein HAED-Motiv gewagt und muß sagen, daß es auf der einen Seite schon anstrengend und nervig ist, auf dem kleinen Stoff über nur einen Faden zu sticken, auf der anderen Seite es aber wirklich gut wirkt. Ich sticke ja mit zwei Fäden. Die Deckkraft ist sehr gut, aber manchmal ist es, vor allem bei dunklen Farben, sehr schwer zum Sehen wo man die Nadel denn nun platzieren sollte. Sicher ist auf jeden Fall, daß ich ewig an diesem Bild sticken werde *seufz*.

In spite of my (still) ongoing clearing away of my mum's belongings, I actually managed to stitch this weekend. I even dared my HAED-project and have to say that on the one hand it is really trying and annoying stitching over only 1, but on the other hand it does look very good that way. Since I am stitching 2 over 1, the fabric gets covered very well, but sometimes (especially with dark colors) it is really hard to see where to put the needle. One thing is for sure though: I will be stitching this design for ever *sigh*

Und noch ein Brotkorbdecken/Another Bread Cloth

Dieses Deckchen habe ich für eine Freundin gestickt, die, nachdem sie meins gesehen hat, dezent meinte, sowas würde ihr auch gefallen. Da hatte ich dann schon ein passendes Weihnachtsgeschenk. Motiv ist aus Sam Hawkins Designs Cross Stitch for Bread Cloths von American School of Needlework.

I stitched this bread cloth for a friend of mine. After she saw mine, she mentioned in an off hand way "I could use one, too". So I knew what her Christmas present was to be. Design taken from Sam Hawkins Designs Cross Stitch for Bread Cloths/American School of Needlework.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Noch etwas Älteres... / Something old...

Das Bild habe ich für meinen Ex-Freund gestickt, der Drachenflieger ist. Motiv ist aus dem Heft "American Sportsman".

I stitched this design for my ex-boyfriend, who was/is hang gliding. Design taken from "American Sportsman".


Lang, lang ist's her...

Langsam aber sicher normalisiert sich mein Leben wieder. Am Samstag habe ich viele der Sachen, die ich von meiner Mutter mitgenommen habe, in meiner Küche, die leider keine Gummiwände hat, verstaut bekommen. Ich sehe tatsächlich Licht am Ende des Tunnels. Langsam komme ich auch wieder zum Sticken. Es sind zwar nur eher kleine Motive, aber immerhin. Demnächst steht auch in meiner Stickecke ein "Großreinemachen" an, dann wird radikal ausgemistet und Ebay wird wieder strapaziert werden. Ich habe so viel Garnüberschuß, den werde ich anbieten und noch so andere Nettigkeiten.

Schöne kurze Woche wünscht

I just wanted to let you know that I finally cleaned out my mum's apartment and now only have to fit all the things I want to keep in my apartment (which of course does not have rubber walls *sigh*). I started stitching on some smaller projects again, because right now I simply do not have the necessary space for my HAED project. Coming up I will hold a "spring clean" in my stitching corner and I already know that there will be lots of things for Ebay. I have so much thread that I can never use it all.

I wish you all a great week and happy stitching.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mein erster Award... / My first award...

... vielen lieben Dank Hilda, daß Du mir meinen ersten Award verliehen hast *rotwerd*. Ich habe jetzt aber das gleich Problem wie Du: Alle Blogs, die ich lese haben diesen Award schon. Sollte ich über einen stolpern der ihn noch nicht hat, werde ich ihn sofort vergeben.

... thank you so much, Hilda, for giving me my first award. However, now I have the same problem as you: all the blogs I read already have this award. Should I find one without it, I will pass the award along.

Hier noch die Erklärung, was dieser Award bedeutet:

Wofür steht der "Let's Be Friends" Award:

"Diese Blogs sind überaus zauberhaft. Diese netten Blogger versuchen Freunde zu finden und zu sein. Sie sind nicht darauf aus sich selbst als die Größten darzustellen. Unsere Hoffnung ist, dass wenn das Band dieses Preises weitergereicht wird mehr Freundschaften weitergereicht werden. Bitte gebt diesen Bloggern mehr Aufmerksamkeit. Gib' diesen Award an acht Blogger, die weitere acht Blogger auswählen müssen und diesen schlau geschriebenen Text in ihren Award-Post mit aufnehmen müssen."

"These blogs are exceedingly charming.
These kind bloggers aim to be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement.
Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these kind of writers.
When you pass this award along please include these guidelines.
I am to choose eight friends to share this with".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gerade fertig geworden... / Just finished...

... ist das Spirit of Cross Stitch Angel Ornament von Brooke's Books Publishing. Angefangen habe ich das Projekt auch noch nach meinem Krankenhausaufenthalt, wegen dem Tod meiner Mutter hat sich die Fertigstellung leider verzögert.

... the Spirit of Cross Stitch Angel Ornament von Brooke's Books Publishing. I started this project after I got out of hospital in January, but because my mum died very suddenly it took longer than expected.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Und weiter geht es... / On with the show...

Hier sind weitere Kostproben meines Könnens:

More samples of my skill:

Der Weihnachtsmann war eine Mill Hill Stickpackung, gestickt auf Perforated Paper. War auch für meine Mutter.

The Santa is a kit from Mill Hill, stitched on Perforated Paper. Stitched for my mother.

War eine Zugabe bei einer Stickbestellung aus Amerika.

Freebie was included in a kit from America.

Dieses Motiv habe ich in einem großen Paket Stickpackungen bei Ebay erstanden.

Dieses Motiv ist ein Freebee von Brooke's Books, gestickt auf Plastic Canvas. Dieses Bild war auch für meine Mutter.

Design is a freebie from Brooke's books, stitched on Plastic Canvas. Stitched for my mother.

Dieses Brotkorbdeckchen habe ich für meine Mutter gestickt. Das Motiv ist aus dem Heft Bread Cloth Collection von Leisure Arts.

This bread cloth was stitched for my mother. Design taken from Bread Cloth Collection/Leisure Arts.

Dieses Deckchen habe ich für mich gestickt, Motiv ist aus Cover your buns just a little more... von Design Connection.

I stitched this for me, design taken from Cover your buns just a little more.../Design Connection.