Sunday, October 31, 2010

Again, the last second...

Somehow it seems to take a lot of thinking for me to answer the SBQ's. But again just in time here is my answer:

Wouldn't you believe it, I am also a firstborn. As for the effect it had on my hobby: I think I started kinda late on my stitching journey. My first piece dates back to 1988. I was 24 at that time. Since then I have done quite a lot of stitching, with a couple of longer breaks in between. I didn't stitch a lot while I was going to evening school or while I was in a relationship.

When I was in school and we had to do crafts for school, I hated it. My mum ended up finishing whatever needed to be done more than once.

I honestly can't recall what started my interest in crafts. Besides cross stitching, I also learned quilting, tatting, bobbin lace. I do hardanger, I knit and crotchet. But like I said, I don't know what got me started.

Happy stitching

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