Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quirky habits!?

Boy, am I late in answering this month's SBQ. I was so busy at work and on the road almost every evening that this month has just flown by. But just in time here is my answer:

I do watch DVDs while stitching or listen to, my favorite Hardrock music station on Webradio. When stitching smaller projects, I start with one color and finish this color before moving to the next. If the projects are bigger I start with the first symbol on the symbol list and stitch all of the stitches I can get to (meaning without a lot of counting and jumping around) in this particular color and then move on to the next symbol and so on. When I am at the end of the list I start again at the top.


Happy stitching everyone!!!


  1. Interesting. I have to stitch contiguous segments of the piece, even if it means a lot of color changes or I'm bound to mess up the counting and make a mistake!

  2. I agree with what Annie said...if I skipped all over, I would most assuredly have to rip & rip & rip some more....I have to work on an area!!
    thanks for visiting my blog & the kind comments!! Good luck on finding just the perfect place for all of your stitching!!!