Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday present

I went to a little stitching retreat a couple of weeks ago. Since the birthday of a very dear friend from this group was coming up soon thereafter, we decided to surprise her with scissors fobs for her very extensive scissors collection. During the retreat she mentioned that her goal was to make a fob for all of her scissors. So on her birthday she received seven scissors fobs. This is my contribution:

Both motives are out of the "Red" resp. "White" books.

Since I have never done a scissors fob or something similar before, I was quite tense doing this. The stitching was the easy part but the finishing... There was more than one occasion when I came this close to throwing everything in the next corner! My respect to all those fabulous finishers out there. It is simply incredible what you can do!!!


  1. It's a gorgeous fob. Your finishing is great.

  2. Beautiful job! I remember my first fob ... and it didn't look nearly as nice as yours does!