Sunday, August 7, 2011


More packing and starting to buy new furniture for the new place. I also had people from different moving companies come in and look at my apartment to give me estimates. No way in hell was I planning on moving all my books and furniture by myself resp. with friends. I am way past that age ;-) I finally found a company that I liked and had them look at my boyfriends place as well. The most awesome issue about the move was that we didn't have to do any renovating. I moved in my apartment eleven years ago and it was not renovated but in good shape and the contract said I will not have to do anything either when I move out. And since my boyfriends landlord decided to sell the apartment, he didn't have to do anything either. That was the responsibility of the new owner. The new place was already renovated so that was easy and a big help. I will post pictures later on to show you our new place. I now have my very own stitching room with my TV and he has his room. We also have a big living room where the other TV is located, a great fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, a bedroom and a little room that I converted into my shoe closet (he still doubts that Imelda Marcos has more shoes than I do ;-)) We also have a cellar and a "hobby room" downstairs which gives us additional storage space. Since he also used to be a bookseller like me, we both have tons of books.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I am glad that someone else has a wip list that looks like my own.

  2. Hi Billie, hope movement goes well, it can be very stressful. Hope you can then find some time for that review (you haven't forgotten have you?)